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Tree Tribute – $25

A tree tribute can be for any occasion. Below is the cover of the card. A Tree Tribute plants a 3-gallon shade tree. For each $25, a card will be sent to each person you indicate that announces that a gift has been made to the TreesUpstate Living Legacy Fund and that a reforestation tree will be planted. Make a Tree Tribute donation.

Make a Tribute

Make a tribute, and we will send this card, and a 3 gallon tree will be planted in our reforestation program.

Tribute Card - TreesUpstate

Honorariums and Memorials – $200

$200 donations made to TreesUpstate’s Living Legacy Fund plant a 15-gallon trees. Living Legacy Trees planted are species that can live 100 years or more, such as a white oaks, black tupelo, tulip poplar or a southern magnolia.

Honor the life of someone special or celebrate a special occasion by planting a native tree. Honorarium and Memorial trees are watered and maintained for two years by staff, volunteers and site partners to ensure it lives for over 100 years.

A card (image below) will be mailed to the person of your choice letting them know you made this special living legacy gift. To purchase a Living Legacy Tree, simply click here!

For $200 donations, for an additional $50 you can have a marker placed next to the tree that we plant that mentions the name of those you are honoring.

Honor or Memorialize

Honor or memorialize, and we will send this card and also plant a 15 gallon tree at a visible location at a local school, park, or neighborhood.

Honorariums and Memorials - TreesUpstate

How to complete a tribute, honorarium, or memorial gift online.


  1. Go to
  2. In the giving box, select an amount. In the next box select “one-time gift.”
  3. In the “Apply my donation to” box, scroll to see the options, and choose tree tribute 3G or memorial gift 15 G.
  4. In the “Honor or remember someone” box, choose honor or memorial. When you choose this, two more boxes will appear.
  5. Enter “Whom you would like to recognize” and “Your relationship to them”
  6. Click the button that says “Donate Once”
  7. A new screen will appear where you can enter more details.
  8. The next screen will ask you to fill out details for us to write on the card. This includes giving us the address of where to send the card and any special instructions.
  9. Click “Continue to Payment”
  10. Once you have completed and if you made a gift of $250 to receive a plaque with your tree, a member of the TreesUpstate team will be in contact with you on a planting date and to get details of what you would like on the plaque.
Donate Amount
Donate Details

Perfect for

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentines, Thanksgiving. A way to always remember their smile.

A wedding anniversary or brand new engagement. An achievement, like being sober for 2 years. Birthdays. Baptism. Graduation.

Also for the person who doesn’t want more stuff.

Trees are a Living Legacy. A way to tell a grandparent that you love them or your son or daughter that you are so proud.


Where will my Living Legacy Tree be planted? Can I choose the location?

Your Living Legacy Tree will be planted where most needed. Species selection and tree location are subject to the discretion of TreesUpstate’s Arborists and Community Forestry Team.

Can you tell me more about the tree and tree care?

$200 Honorariums and Memorials planted are 15 gallon container trees. $25 Tree Tributes are 3-gallon trees. The Living Legacy Tree donation level includes: site selection and planning, tree planting, mulch and amendments, 2 years of watering, spring fertilization, and a one-year guarantee (if the tree fails within the first year because of a pest it will be replaced).

Can a tree marker be placed?

We are partnered with Greenville County Animal Care for plantings of trees with markers. For tributes of $200, for an additional $50, a marker/plaque will be printed and installed next to the tree that planting season. We can only place markers at this site.

Can we plant the tree?

You can volunteer and plant the tree(s) with our staff during the tree planting at that site. If this is a single tree being planted at Animal Care we will work with you to find a time and date within the planting season.

I am interested in placing a large order of Tree Tributes, is the internet the easiest way to place it?

You can order 3 Tree Tributes through our secure website. Please use “other” and enter donation amount. Example: 3 Tree Tributes x $25 = $75. You can enter additional recipient’s addresses in the “message to recipient” text box. If you would like to place an order of 4 or more Tree Tributes, please contact Aaron Davis at or 864-884-2675 to coordinate details.

Can I make a dedication for other occasions besides a memorial?

Tree Tributes and Living Legacy Trees can be made to commemorate any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, births and much, much more.

Additional questions?

Contact Aaron Davis at 864.884.2675 or

Make a Donation to TreesUpstate’s Living Legacy Fund.