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Parks & Greenspaces

Apply for a tree planting partnership. Options include:

  • Technical support
  • Funding assistance
  • Volunteer planting assistance
  • 100% project management


Trees are always free to schools! Apply for a tree planting partnership:

  • Our staff plant with students
  • Our staff plant with volunteers
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Plant With Us - Neighborhoods - TreesUpstate


Organize a neighborwoods tree planting in your community.

Our neighborwoods program targets large canopy trees in front yards that provide community-wide benefits. Neighborhoods with little tree canopy cover or aging tree canopy cover are given priority in the application process, but all are welcome and encouraged to apply!

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Just looking for tree(s) for your household?

Check out our Energy Saving Trees program to learn where you can pick up a free 3 gallon tree in December 2021.