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That’s our mission. And we invite you to join us in 2024.

NeighborWoods is our community tree planting program. The focus is planting large and medium canopy trees in yards that provide community-wide benefits. Book an appointment with Evangeline to reserve a free tree for your yard.

Now serving West Greenville, the West End, Sterling, Poe Mill, Piedmont, Liberty Square (SPG), Southernside, Greater Sullivan, Nicholtown, Brutontown, White Horse Corridor, Berea, Sans Souci, and Haynie-Sirrine.

Evangeline Costa

Meet Evangeline Costa, TreesUpstate’s Community Outreach and Engagement Manager. Evangeline is passionate about bringing environmental resources to communities across the upstate. She has organized projects in Creekside, Southernside, West Greenville, and the West End to plant over 300 trees and engage over 600 residents and volunteers. Evangeline’s favorite tree is a Southern magnolia.

Schedule an appointment with Evangeline:

  • Call Evangeline at 864-399-0331
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Program Details

Volunteers Plant - TreesUpstate


TreesUpstate is launching our Neighborwoods program across the upstate! The goal of this program is tree equity. This community tree planting initiative targets neighborhoods with little to no tree canopy. TreesUpstate will coordinate a neighborhood-wide tree planting event to install 15 gallon trees with volunteers.

Previous Projects include Monaghan, Brutontown, Freetown, Sans Souci, Needmore, Abigail Springs, Saluda Bluffs, Creekside, Southernside, West End, and West Greenville.


Residents are responsible for marking private utilities which may include but are not limited to: water, sewer, & irrigation.


FREE to residents. Includes a 15-gallon tree, delivery, tree diaper for watering, site visit with a TreesUpstate staff member, SC811 call, project coordination, and volunteer installation. Tree replacements are not included, but we offer free 3 gallon trees several times a year through our Energy Saving Trees program.

Species Options

See FAQ’s. Species availability may become more limited later in the season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with Evangeline Costa to get your free tree(s). Book your appointment by ASAP!

  • Fill out our google form (click the green button) OR
  • Contact Evangeline Costa at 864-399-0331


What is an appointment?

Appointments will be scheduled for January and February 2024.

Evangeline will meet with you at your property to make recommendations to help you find a suitable tree for your yard. TreesUpstate makes sure the right tree is planted in the right place. Availability listed below and subject to change based on local nursery stock.

When are the trees planted?

We will be planting trees in February and March. The best time to plant trees is during cold weather when trees are dormant and not actively growing. This promotes higher survival rates.

Which species are available?


  • Southern magnolia
    • Teddy Bear
    • Little Gem
    • Bracken Browns Beauty
  • Carolina sapphire
  • Radicans cryptomeria
  • Burkii cedar

Shade Trees

  • tulip poplar
  • river birch (single trunk)
  • American hornbeam
  • hophornbeam
  • October Glory maple
  • Autumn Blaze maple
  • overcup oak
  • nuttall oak
  • swamp white oak
  • yellowwood

Small Flowering Trees

  • Eastern redbud
  • Forest Pansy redbud
  • serviceberry (limited quantities)

*Species availability may become more limited later in the season.

How many trees does one household qualify for?

One household can plant up to 2 15-gallon trees.

Can I request a specific species not on your list?

Typically, we cannot accommodate specific requests not on your neighborhood species list due to tree nursery availability.

Who pays for the trees?

TreesUpstate pays for the trees through grant funding. We are excited to bring free trees to you!

What is a tree diaper?

TreesUpstate provides a tree diaper for each tree planted as part of the Neighborwoods program to help residents water their trees. A tree diaper is a watering mat that lays around the trunk of the tree under the mulch. The tree diaper can absorb rainwater and can retain water for up to one month, slowly dripping it into the root zone of the tree. It lasts for 5 years.