Plant in Your Community

TreesUpstate - Community Planting

Planting sites are selected through partnership requests. Any park, municipality, community garden project, church, or other organization can request a tree planting and/or free technical support from TreesUpstate. Sites are selected based on their ability to adopt site watering, care, and maintenance.

We plant on private and public property. We typically do not plant in SC DOT right of way.

How much does it cost us to participate?

It varies on the community partner and ranges from $0 to $200 per tree. Most of our site partners water the newly planted trees for the first 2 years after planting and also adopt the long-term care and maintenance.

When do we plant trees?

Our planting season is October-­March.

How does it work?

Step 1

Someone from your community applies to be selected for a community tree planting. Print the application now to get started.

Step 2

TreesUpstate’s Forestry Staff will work with you to plan and organize a community tree planting. TreesUpstate will help you select the right tree for the right place. On planting day, we’ll bring tools and be there to train community volunteers. We start all tree plantings with a planting demonstrations to teach volunteers how to properly: plant, prune, mulch and water.